Srambang Ngawi Waterfall

Ngawi, as one of the districts in East Java which is adjacent to the West Java Province, is very well-known for lemon and teak. Ngawi also has many amazing tourist places to visit. Yet, lack of management makes this district isn’t well known as a tourist destination compared to other tourist locations in Indonesia. One of hidden paradise in Ngawi is Srambang Waterfall. Srambang Waterfall or also known as the Jogorogo Waterfall is an amazing waterfall located at the foot of Mount Lawu, subdistrict Jogorogo, approximately 5 kilometers to the south of the Jogorogo market.

Having the height of approximately 40 meters and is approximately 35 kilometers to the southwest of the Ngawi City, local people know this waterfall well. However, outsider community, tourists or foregign tourists may have never the name at all. Luckily, the road to access this location has been paved which makes the location is easier for tourists to visit. If you use two-wheel vehicles, you can go straight to the Srambang Waterfall. However, if you use four-wheel vehicles, you should park your vehicles in provided parking area and walk about one kilometer more to get Srambang Waterfall. Pine forests, clear streams, and the high cliffs on the left and right along the way to the waterfall will pamper your eyes and soon you won’t feel tired of walking far enough away from the parking area.

Do you have a plan to visit Srambang Waterfall? If you’re going to visit east Java, Srambang Waterfall is highly recommended. When you’re in Srambang Waterfall, you can absolutely enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains and awesome atmosphere its vicinities. The entry fee is only Rp. 2,500 and be pleased to enjoy the variety of this amazing panorama, swim or simply take pictures with friends and family. But, you have to make sure, keep the place clean and unpolluted should be the prioritized.

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