Social Media Engagement that Works Wonder for Campaign and Promotion

Engagement in social media in a simple way is just asking people in social media to like, comment, share, and open picture or link, including re-tweet, mention, tag, pin, favorite, comment, pin, and re-pin. Like we always do, if there is something useful or interesting in videos or articles in our soc-med we automatically share or like. Those are responses wanted by social media account owners. Logically, those people having videos, links, articles, and pictures to be shared and liked by other people, must have something great to be able to make people do something for them. This also can make them popular. To some people having business, politician running for a local election, or soc-med celebrities, to be popular is very important. Having many fans to listen to what they have and think are their goals. How can those people upgrade their Social Media Engagement?


Upgrading Social Media Engagement:


  • Have interesting questions like multiple-choice available with interesting pictures for answers or simple questions to answer by yes and no only. Pictures and humors work wonder for soc-med engagement.
  • Have unique quizzes leading to your brand with interesting gifts for the winner.
  • Bring current events that will make your page busy with people giving response.
  • Post something useful and unique regularly.
  • Bring social cause, like promoting the awareness of something big influencing many people.
  • Post pictures of people wearing or using your products.
  • Hire soc-med celebrities to wear or use your products.
  • If you want to be soc-med celebrities and popular in positive ways so that you can make money, just post that you wear or use someone’s product with your comment, like, or curate writing and mention the creator or the owner with links.
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Technology comes great and great every day, and this will help you become more creative and unique to make yourself heard, promoted, and popular. Business people will surely get more income with loyal customers. Politicians with their programs to campaign will be more popular among people, and not impossible to get elected.



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